Are you paying for services you are no longer using?

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Are you paying for services you are no longer using?

There is evidence to suggest that many small to medium businesses are wasting a lot of their spending on services and devices that are no longer in use.  In particular some larger businesses who use telecommunications as a main function of their business are often unaware when services such as phone lines or mobile devices become inactive. This regular occurrence is costing businesses large amounts of money which could be better spent elsewhere in the business.

Unnecessary spending is the bug bear of many businesses particularly as newer technologies are introduced.  Telecoms can be a little confusing at times as is the problem when it comes to fixed telephone lines or large mobile contracts. Businesses are often too busy to be ploughing through phone bills to see if they are paying over the odds. People often have the idea that if they haven’t made a conscious decision about a change in the company finances, then it isn’t occurring.  Yet it’s all these ‘small changes’ such as inactive mobile phones or unused phone lines that really start to add up and that in fact, can go unnoticed sometimes for years.  Before they know it they’ve paid out hundreds of needless pounds that could have been put too much better use in helping to advance their businesses, and in today’s struggling social climate, small businesses in particular need to be money smart.

We have now introduced a process which forms part of any review we conduct for clients to question in detail the use of every single telephone line and supplementary service as opposed to simply offering a price comparison with available rates on what they have been paying for, the results of this have been significant benefit for all.

If you are concerned that you may be paying over the odds or for services you no longer use and don’t have the time or the knowledge to query your billing then please contact us 0800 505 3350. We may be able to help you save some money and get a better handle on your telecoms operating costs without you having to pay anything at all.  Why not visit our Technology and Phone System Review page to find out more.

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