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15/12/2011 Voicemail systems

3 points to consider before you choose a voice messaging system

Voicemail Voicemail systems provide an answer phone facility for some or all of your team’s internal office phones.  They ensure you can communicate effectively without relying on other people to take a message; an invaluable system for many businesses today. Voicemail notification has evolved in recent years and you can now receive an email notification […]

15/12/2011 0800 numbers

Would your business benefit from 08 numbers?

Many businesses benefit from incoming 08xx numbers.  These non-geographic telephone numbers are commonly used today and include 0800, 0808, 0845, 0844, 0870 and 0871. With these numbers, you can track the volume of calls presented to your business easily at the end of every month when you receive your billing data. Using a different 0800 […]

01/12/2011 ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system

Dramatically improve your sales team, service desks or call centres with an ACD system

If your business needs a call centre facility then it would benefit from an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system.  An ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system monitors the number of calls coming in, who answers them and how long it takes to answer the call.  It allows incoming calls to be distributed more evenly, increases your […]

01/12/2011 maintenance repair man with red tool box

Cut the cost of your telephone maintenance support contract

It is no longer a legal requirement to have a maintenance service cover agreement in place for your on-site telephone system, however we always recommend putting a service contract in place to ensure you have predefined engineering response time agreed for major faults so you can avoid the generally much higher cost to the business […]

01/12/2011 SMS enter key on keyboard

Start sending and receiving text messages from your computer

For any business that needs to reach customers quickly and easily, directly messaging their phone is the perfect solution. It takes just a few seconds to send and receive text messages from your computer – and no expensive software is required either. It’s ideal for communicating reminders and appointments, and invaluable for schools, doctors, dentists, […]

18/11/2011 Tech Advance logo placeholder

Connect your PC to your telephone and start working smarter

There are almost unlimited business benefits to be had from integrating your computer and telephone systems.  You can work faster and smarter while offering customers an even better standard of service. Making Calls When making calls, you can use a feature known as ‘click to call’.  It creates a button within contact databases such as […]

18/11/2011 Integrator

Integrate your mobile phone with your office phone and never miss an important call again

Businesses today need a flexible workforce; they can’t afford to have people sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.  It’s been estimated that the average UK worker now spends around 40% of their time away from their desk.  But if the team is out and about it means customer telephone calls to the office […]

01/11/2011 Tech Advance logo placeholder

Are you paying to much for your calls? Check your numbers in 8 easy steps…

With so many telecoms providers and literally hundreds of different lines and calls  tariffs on the market, working out whether you’re getting the best deal is a headache. Getting truly independent advice about how much you should be paying is difficult too.  But you don’t need to rely on providers, by following our 8 easy steps […]

27/10/2011 telephone lines

Have you got the right telephone lines for your business?

External telephone lines provide the fixed network voice connections between you and the outside world.  You really need to get it right first time because insufficient telephone lines may have your customers complaining about the engaged tone – worse still they may decide to call a competitor because they “can’t get through”.  Your staff may […]

25/10/2011 business telephone system

Free Tom Tom GPS with all business telephone systems ordered

Everyone can make use of a new Tom Tom GPS unit and for a limited period only Tech Advance are offering a FREE Tom Tom device with every business telephone system ordered before the end of March 2012. If you want to discuss your business telephone system requirements please give us a call on 0800 […]

25/10/2011 Large Question Mark with thinking robot telephone system - Phone Solutions

Do you need an onsite or offsite telephone system?

There are two types of phone solutions to choose from – an on-site phone system or an off-site hosted phone system. The on-site phone system can be connected using the standard telephone network as PSTN, ISDN or VOIP whereas the hosted solution can only be connected via the internet. Note: You will need a cat5 […]

14/10/2011 work from home

A staggering 50% of us now work from home, but is your team’s home office technology up to the job?

We are moving towards a future where offices and fixed work locations are likely to disappear.  People increasingly want to work from home; it addresses their need for work/life balance and helps them avoid the stressful daily commute.  Companies benefit too, it’s an easy solution to attracting the best staff regardless of where they’re located […]

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