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Number Porting – Keep existing phone numbers when moving to the Cloud

If you want to move your business phone system into the Cloud but are worried what will happen to your current phone number… worry not. Our business phone numbers are our lifelines. It’s how our customers and clients contact us and how our business survives. When you move to a new Cloud Phone system you […]


VoIP Meets WiFi – Why moving your Office VoIP Phone System has never been easier

Wireless Adaptor – VoIP is a new way of communicating that’s changing how we use the phone. While VoIP and Wi-Fi are two different technologies, together, they create a powerful communications combination. Many businesses today run IP networks over wireless technology and it’s now possible to run VoIP applications over Wi-Fi, too. Now you can […]


Get the Collaborate Application for your Cloud Phone FREE for Three Months

You might remember our blog from last year introducing the fantastic new collaborate application for your Cloud System. The Cloud Phone Collaborate is a fully integrated Unified Communications solution offering services such as instant messaging, presence, video, desktop and application sharing. With Collaborate users have numerous services available to them, such as: Sharing documents freely […]


When is the best time to consider buying a new phone system?

The best time to be thinking about buying or upgrading to a new phone system  is if you are planning to move office or are setting up a new one. Sometimes it can be that you need to add more external lines or phones for your business due to an expansion in your company and […]

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