Customer Service

23/01/2020 Customer Service Target Market

Why Customer Service is crucial to the success of your business

More than three quarters (81%) of consumers complain that getting in touch with businesses is very difficult with some even suggesting it’s almost impossible! This comes as the age of the internet is taking over the business market. For many businesses and consumers this is a great thing but 42 per cent of customers rate […]

04/03/2019 Customer Service Levels

4 Strategies to Help Improve Customer Service Levels

Happy customers can help you build the credibility of your business and in doing so create more business. Who doesn’t check the feedback messages when buying off enterprises such as eBay ? Or read numerous reviews before they make that purchase on Amazon? I mean it’s just common sense to see what others are saying […]

26/11/2018 customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty…What’s the Secret?

In today’s fast-changing, competitive business environment, excellent customer service is essential for success. In fact, service may be the key to differentiating your business from the competition. It can also be the reason why your customers choose to keep coming back! To keep a customer over the long term, you can’t treat the relationship as […]

30/07/2018 Red telephone wires hanging Lines and calls

Our prices are 40% cheaper than most UK telephone providers standard pricing!

Another year, another business phone line price increase. Prices have been steadily increasing over several years now but the one due to happen in October this year, will be the fifth in just three years. The UK’s biggest telephone providers have increased PSTN (Analogue) and ISDN-2-line rental, and many call charges at the beginning of […]

16/01/2018 Customer Service

Don’t brush off your business “Customer service is the new sales!

Technology is moving fast and with today’s customers actively engaging in social media, the world of marketing and customer service has seen a dramatic change over the last ten years. Who doesn’t check the feedback messages when buying off enterprises such as eBay or reads numerous reviews before they make that purchase? I mean it’s […]

05/04/2017 Woman on phone customer service

Top 10 Tips for answering the telephone professionally

Communication is key in business and although new technologies mean a lot of correspondence is now done electronically, research shows that the telephone is still the preferred communication tool when it comes to business. That’s why it’s so important that when your existing or potential customers are calling, that their call is answered not just […]

20/12/2016 Phone Systems Contact Us

Use your communications technology to improve sales in your business

Woody Allen said “80% of life is showing up” but in the case of sales it’s really 100%.  If your sales force is not as available as it should be, you are losing out to competitors who are simply better at it than you. Ask yourself: Do you keep sales prospects waiting on purpose hoping […]

06/09/2016 On-Hold Messages

On-Hold Messages

Did you know that your customers would rather scoop dog poop than listen to annoying on-hold messages? Yes, as crazy as that sounds, it is in fact true.  A recent study revealed how customers who called up businesses and was left hanging on the line listening to a repertoire of annoying beeps, monotonous musical chimes […]


Improve your customer service levels with Telephone Call Recording

Your customer service team is often the face of your company, and customers’ experiences will be defined by the skill and quality of the support they receive. Telephone Call Recording solutions are an ideal training tool, as it enables you to continuously manage, monitor and improve the service levels provided by your employees. Employers can […]

15/09/2015 customer service

Tech Advance: Customer Service at its very best

As a leading provider of business telecoms communications in the UK, customer service is a crucial part of our business. Our customers entrust us with their most important, business-critical applications and voice, data and mobile communications. Their businesses depend upon the service we provide, and they expect the highest levels of quality and reliability. We […]

19/05/2015 0800 numbers

Freephone: Leading the way in customer service

As of June this year OFCOM rules come into effect which will make all 0800 numbers free to call from mobile phones as well as landlines. This will mark an end to warnings on adverts saying “calls may vary from other landlines and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more”. Ofcom have also declared that […]

12/05/2015 Telephone Call Recording

Improve sales in your business with Telephone Call Recording

By implementing an affordable telephone call recording application as part of your new or existing telephone system you could improve your telephone sales performance and generate an increase in the sales for your business significantly. Every business should continuously look for ways to optimise sales strategies by examining the strengths and weaknesses with their sales […]

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