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07/02/2022 Cloud Phone System Update

Cloud Phone Missed Call Update

Exciting news about a recent cloud phone missed call update! Cloud phone systems have recently received a new, long-awaited update. Recently, the software of our Cloud Phone platform has been updated as per recommendations from our networking teams, considering recommendations and suggestions of improvement from our customers, resulting in the cloud phone missed call update. […]

22/08/2019 Wireless adaptor voice over Wi-Fi VoIP telephone system

VoIP Meets WiFi – Why moving your Office VoIP Phone System need never be an issue again

Wireless Adaptor – VoIP is a new way of communicating that’s changing how we use the phone. Many businesses today run IP networks over wireless technology, and it’s possible to run VoIP applications over Wi-Fi, too. If you have a wireless router and network, then you can use your VoIP phone in a wireless way. […]

04/04/2019 Mobile Twinning with your Cloud Phone 

Integrate your mobile phone with your office phone using VoIP and never miss a call again

Businesses today need a flexible workforce. You can’t afford to have people sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. It’s been estimated that the average UK worker now spends around 40% of their time away from their desk. Yet what happens to your calls when you’re out of the office? It’s all well and […]

29/11/2016 Vidtech Video Conferencing

Make meetings simple with Vidtech Video Conferencing Solutions

Vidtech Video Conferencing Vidtech is a simple, reliable, high quality and perhaps more importantly ‘affordable’ video conferencing solution for your business that’s relatively new to the video conferencing market. With your very own Virtual Meeting Room you can invite others into your own virtual space to meet and because of its ease of adoption and […]

18/10/2016 Hosted telephones

Cloud Based Hosted Telephones  – Basic Overview

Tech Horizon is a cloud based Hosted Telephones voice platform which provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. Because the equipment is hosted in the Telephone Exchange it means there is no initial outlay for your business, making it the perfect solution for companies with multiple sites and […]

26/01/2016 Tech Horizon

Cloud Phone for hot-desking and remote workers

Hosted Telephony is quickly becoming the number one way many businesses are choosing to go when it comes to deciding the future of their business telecoms.  A lot of this has to do with the fact that Hosted Telephony looks to avoid the excess costs and complexities of on-premise solutions and removes the headache often […]


Why Video Conferencing for remote workers means more productivity for employers

Flexible working hours in the UK has soared over recent years as more and more workers are now able to work from home instead of going into the office. The demand for these flexible hours from employees is high with one in four offices wanting the chance to have a more flexible working schedule. However […]

06/08/2014 Fax to email - Green technology written on computer key

Go Green with Fax to Email Technology

We live in a technological world were in business everything is working at double the speed than it was, say 5 years ago. Yet some businesses still rely on fax machines to receive communications. Not only is this an expensive way to communicate data, with the cost of paper and ink going up, it’s also […]

14/07/2014 business communications

Why leaving the office during work hours need no longer be a problem

The business world is fast paced with workers needing to be in many places, sometimes at the same time.  And because business is becoming more mobile, this means it requires workers from sales reps to directors, to be out of the office more frequently during work hours. While all the new technologies such as Skype […]

20/07/2012 An Avaya IP Office Overview

Give the power to your team with Avaya IP Office Power Users

Avaya IP Office Power User gives your employees the tools to be as productive as they can be during a working day.  IP Office Power User enables the busy manager to keep in touch with clients regardless of location.  Whether its business trip, working from home or whilst travelling, as long as you have a […]

17/07/2012 An Avaya IP Office Overview

Reach your mobile workers anywhere anytime with Avaya IP Office Mobile Worker

Some employees are often away from the office but don’t use a laptop, with Avaya IP Office Mobile Worker they are just a phone call away regardless of where they are. Mobile Worker makes any phone into an extension on their office phone system and gives most of the call features that are available in […]

30/01/2012 Tech Advance logo placeholder

Find and keep great employees : The mobility factor

In recent years, the global economy has seen sustained levels of high unemployment. So that means it’s easier than ever to find and hold on to great employees, right? Wrong! Finding and retaining the really effective employee remains a major challenge, particularly because today’s work force is so diverse.  That’s why “one-size-fits-all” strategies for keeping […]

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