Hosted Telephony

14/02/2022 Office VoIP Phone Systems

Office VoIP Phone Systems… What do you need to know before buying?

What Are Office VoIP Phone Systems? Office VoIP phone systems sometimes referred to as IP telephony or IPT, are a phone service that is delivered to you through the Internet. Unlike an on-premise telephone system (PBX), a hosted VoIP phone system exists entirely in the “Cloud”. VoIP technology delivers calls over the Internet or private […]

09/04/2020 Number porting green technology background Keep your Existing Phone Numbers

Number Porting – Keep your phone numbers when moving to the cloud

If you want to move your business phone system into the Cloud but are worried what will happen to your current phone number… worry not. Our business phone numbers are our lifelines. It’s how our customers and clients contact us and how our business survives. When you move to a new Cloud Phone system you […]

19/03/2020 Woman smiling on headset

Synchronise your desk phone with your NetHelpDesk CRM

NetHelpDesk is a versatile help desk and CRM application with an extensive list of features which are ready to use the instant you click download. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in NetHelpDesk covers anything that involves your existing client customer base that needs to be managed, such as contracts and invoices. It can also be used […]

16/03/2020 Collaborate application for your Cloud Phone

Get the Collaborate Application for your cloud phone FREE for 3 months

You might remember our blog from last year introducing the fantastic new collaborate application for your Cloud System. The Cloud Phone Collaborate is a fully integrated Unified Communications solution offering services such as instant messaging, presence, video, desktop and application sharing. With Collaborate users have numerous services available to them, such as: Sharing documents freely […]

09/03/2020 Slow Internet Connection Bandwidth

Is my internet connection too slow for VoIP?

In order to establish if your Internet connection is too slow for VoIP? You will need to consider two things. The type of internet connection you have. The bandwidth you are using to run your VoIP network. There are two types of bandwidth at your location, upload and download bandwidth. The upload is the amount […]

20/02/2020 Avaya phone system Chelsom

The Futures “Bright” for Lighting specialists Chelsom with Avaya phone system from Tech Advance

Profile Chelsom is a third-generation family business designing, manufacturing and supplying lighting to the global hospitality and marine industries for over 70 years. With an award-winning reputation for inspirational product design, the business is committed to providing high quality and bespoke designs to hotels and cruise projects all over the world. Project Overview Chelsom had […]

06/12/2019 Cloud image blue paperclips

6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Cloud Telephone System

Cloud Telephony has many names, like VoIP, SIP Trunking and Hosted Voice. Whatever its name, a switch to a Cloud Telephone System gives businesses the tools to advance into the future. Flexibility No matter how many of your employees choose to work from home, from their mobile device, from the office, via hot-desking- everyone should […]

02/12/2019 Managed Voice and Data Services

Managed Voice and Data Services from Tech Advance

IT and Telecommunications services form the backbone of almost every business and organisation. As a result, businesses nowadays need lightning fast, ultra-reliable and completely flexible solutions that scale at a moment’s notice. Backed by resiliency, security and support. Managed Voice Services reduces the complexity of traditional voice providers. However,operating a complex and intelligent, multi-vendor, global […]

15/08/2019 Number Porting Numbers

Number Porting when you Move to the Cloud

Leaving your current phone number behind can be a real problem, especially where your business is concerned. In business, our phone numbers are our lifelines. It’s how our customers contact us and the thought of it just not existing…. well it really isn’t an option. When you move to a new Cloud Phone system you […]

28/03/2019 Telephone and Hourglass - ISDN switch off

The Great British Switch Off: ISDN’s days are numbered

We all know that D-Day for the ISDN switch off is fast approaching…so the question is…What are you doing about it? In 2015 BT boldly announced its intention to switch off its PSTN and ISDN networks by 2025. There intention is to move its entire voice network to voice over IP (VoIP), with a gradual […]

14/03/2019 VoIP World

Hosted VoIP boosts profits & user satisfaction levels

Hosted VoIP Almost all business owners nowadays will have encountered the cloud at some point or other. Either in the office or at home. Cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and i Cloud are so popular now amongst users that they have become part of our everyday lives. Whilst in a corporate environment much […]

06/03/2019 Red domino being chosen in a row of white standing out choosing

How to Choose the Right Business Telephone System

The easy option when it’s time to move to a new telephone system, is to simply go out and buy a like for like replacement. No one wants the hassle of learning how new telephone systems work. However, in not doing so, you are missing a golden opportunity to bring a range of powerful new […]

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