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“Better the devil you know” is a common phrase in the business world, but unfortunately its not always right. Many businesses are often tempted to stay with their existing telecoms provider because they feel they can trust them or simply out of convenience. Whilst these are very valid reasons, they could also be the reason your business isn’t progressing as it should be.

What you may not realise is that you could potentially be missing out on improved cost efficiency and productivity gains by switching to a new provider, particularly one who offers SIP trunking as an alternative to traditional ISDN services.

“We’ve always used this provider”

Even the best business relationships benefit from a regular review to ensure both parties are still getting a good deal. The last thing your business needs in today’s current climate is to be paying over the odds for your telecoms. It’s essential to take control and keep your operational costs down by ensuing you are always getting the best deal.

“What we have works fine already”

There should rarely be an excuse to replace systems without a good business case. And it may be that your existing telecoms system is performing perfectly. But adequate performance may mask the potential major cost savings a move could bring. Traditional ISDN lines are, in the main, secure and reliable. However, they are also an outdated technology that has since been superseded by a more cost-effective and flexible digital alternative – SIP Trunking.

“It’s too much hassle to change”

When faced with the prospect of a departing customer, what kind of profit-making business would seek to make the changeover process easy. However, this reason alone should not be enough for you to not try and quantify the cost benefits of leaving your current provider and switching to a better alternative, such as an IP telephony solution like SIP Trunking.

In the same way consumers are encouraged to review their household bills regularly, businesses also need to start tasking more control of their telecoms costs to help keep operational costs down. Switching now to a modern provider could give your business the boost it needs.

ISDN is a dying technology, so your business will need to make the transition to IP-based telephony at some point in the near future anyway. Don’t leave it too late or you will continue to miss out on all the benefits your company could be taking advantage of which will ultimately save you time and money.

We hope the above information is useful to you, if you would like assistance in understanding your best options then please contact us on 0800 505 3350. Alternatively you can download our telephone systems buyers guide as useful reference material or even run a quick quote to obtain a budget cost for a new telephone system in less than 60 seconds.

Why not visit our Office VoIP Phone Systems page where you can find out lots of useful information about IP telephony and how it can improve your business.





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