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Almost all business owners nowadays will have encountered the cloud at some point or other. Either in the office or at home. Cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and i Cloud are so popular now amongst users that they have become part of our everyday lives.

Whilst in a corporate environment much of the focus is on storage and software in the cloud, infrastructure outsourcing also offers significant benefits for businesses of all sizes and industry verticals. Hosted VoIP phone systems can help bring the power of the cloud to your business communications infrastructure.

Your company’s reputation is everything. It affects how good your sales are, and it even impacts your business partnerships. Every business looks for ways to save money whilst trying to provide a high quality service to their customers. It’s almost always the case that operational expenditure comes before capital expenditure.

When  it comes to choosing the right telephone solution for your business you’re left with two options. .Invest in a traditional onsite telephone solution (PBX) installed in every site. Or subscribe to a cloud-based alternative where the PBX is centralised by being hosted in the cloud.

With traditional PBX you pay for all the equipment upfront and as its a premises-based solution, the hardware appliance is kept on-site at your location. Often with these types of system you need to pay a yearly cost towards maintenance for the system. This is in order to avoid expensive call out charges if you have any faults with the system.

Cost savings with Hosted VoIP

With Hosted VoIP the only upfront cost you need to pay for is for the IP phones themselves. After this you pay a monthly subscription fee per user.

Cloud based systems tend to be the most attractive for businesses with 5 to 15 employees. However, with some larger companies who make hundreds of calls a day to different locations around the world. A cloud-based system is a much cheaper alternative since call traffic is routed over IP using SIP Trunks. And as long as you have an internet connection you can have access to all the different office features wherever you are in the world.

Why Tech Advance?

Tech Advance line rental is typically charged at around £15.00 per month. We provide you with a complete end to end service with monthly charges are all inclusive. Plus you have no maintenance charges to pay as this happens automatically without the need for costly on-site visits.

For more information and free expert advice about Hosted VoIP, please give us a call on 0800 50 533 53. Alternatively you can download our telephone systems buyers guide as useful reference material or even run a quick quote to obtain a budget cost for a new telephone system in less than 60 seconds by visiting our Quick Quote page.

To find out more about the different types of telephones systems we do and which one would be best suited to your business, simply visit our Telephone Systems product page for more information.

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