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CCTV security camera systems

CCTV security camera systems are a must-have for any modern business. Importantly, CCTV provides a fantastic visual deterrent against theft, vandalism, and burglary. They can also reduce health and safety risks in your workplace. As these sometimes result in costly claims against your business.

Crime affects 60% of businesses in the UK each year. This costs a staggering £5bn, with an astounding 10% of businesses lost due to crime. CCTV has become the primary method of carrying out surveillance. Particularly in areas of businesses that are accessed by the public. Also, in shops and areas where there is a high risk of theft. Indeed, CCTV security camera systems have proven to be a great prevention

Risk management is difficult for many businesses. With liability claims growing every year. Whether fraudulent or not, these claims could cost your business thousands in compensation. The vast majority of these types of claims are often from people outside of your business. However, sometimes you could be liable if you are negligent to your employee’s safety.


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Benefits of CCTV Security Camera Systems...

Consider installing CCTV security camera systems on your business premises. Particularly where staff are doing jobs that carry high-risk factors. This ensures that if a claim against you was to go to court unjustly, you could use the CCTV as evidence. Showing you were providing adequate protection, and reasonable precautions for your employees. Especially when the incident occurred.

CCTV reduces the risks significantly. You can use it to monitor where risks are more associated with the health and well-being of staff. Showing you to complete certain jobs according to the safety procedures. However, you must consider that when you use CCTV in the workplace, you do so with the knowledge that it affects overall levels of trust in the employment relationship. Particularly with employment in the public sector. You need to respect your employees’ rights to privacy under human rights law.

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Our CCTV Security Camera Systems...

Tech Advance provides CCTV security camera systems to businesses. They are actually tailored to meet the individual needs of your business. We offer a choice from traditional analogue CCTV systems to the latest IP-based digital solutions. By managing and monitoring access to certain areas in your business premises. Our flexible systems can ensure complete control over any site, however large or small.

You can install several types of CCTV to keep watch over your business. Including digital video recorders that store all the videos for review. You can check the videos from inside your business. Or you can even check your video feed remotely, via the internet, and on smartphones and tablets.

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you can get a quote for telephone systems by answering the four simple questions...

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so why tech advance?

Tech Advance was established in 2001.  We are a leading independent data, voice, and IP provider. We offer reliable, end-to-end communications, IT infrastructure, and CCTV security camera systems. With a determination to ensure client satisfaction, we are committed to providing excellence and high performance to all of our customers throughout Lancashire, Merseyside, and the Northwest. in the following areas: Blackpool, Preston, Southport, Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Wigan, St Helens, Blackburn, Burnley, Leeds, Warrington, Stockport, Oldham, Chester, and Salford. However, please do contact us wherever you are based as we can support clients anywhere in the UK.

Tech Advance. Our Story.

Founded in 2001, Tech Advance offer a project managed approach to provide fixed and mobile telephone services and products, and a wide range of internet connectivity solutions. We believe in a partnership approach to business;  adding value to your business by providing technology efficiency and focusing on service delivery. Making your life easier with our complete communications solutions.

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