WAN (Wide Area Network)

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WAN (Wide Area Network)

If your business conducts its operation across multiple sites including home-based and remote workers, then a WAN could recognise a multitude of cost-saving communication tools and services for your organisation. WAN or private network connects multiple sites together to send and receive voice, data and video application traffic.

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Your wide area network is a critical component of your IT and business operations. It takes dedicated resources, hardware, software, and the latest applications to properly manage it. Tech Advance works across multiple providers and platforms to design, implement and support WAN in a variety of configurations. From adding single additional network nodes to your existing data network to providing a complete network redundancy layer, a multi-site data network allows you to run applications across multiple sites on your own network.

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) is currently the most common standard mechanism in high-performance telecommunications networks, and hosting services such as Firewall in a multi-site MPLS network can simplify network management and reduce costs and will keep your business integrated and its operations running efficiently.

Managed WAN offers you a basic service package covering core service transition and operation, with the option to select additional services. You can choose from a range of services – end-to-end service management, including provision, maintenance, incident and service management – without the costs associated with an in-house approach.

Managed WAN services power your network to securely deliver information with the speed and ease your users need to stay productive.  Tech Advance provide the latest in SIP and IP telephony call-routing and the Mobile GSM network to deliver a flexible solution with the lowest of on-going operating costs, ensuring business continuity is integral across your multiple locations.

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Whether you’re looking to build a WAN from scratch, benefit from the latest MPLS technology and efficiencies or to simply integrate new locations into an existing data network, Tech Advance can streamline your communications, improve collaboration and make significant cost savings.

The best time to speak with us is when you are undertaking a review of your existing network has come out of contract period terms or nearing that date. This way we can consider what costs and connectivity options are currently available at the very best price. We can then provide a proposal for you having considered many different vendors thus saving you time and money in the process.

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Tech Advance has been supporting customers since 2001. We provide high quality, cost-effective business telecommunications and IT solutions, services and managed WAN services to the UK business community. Our knowledge of WAN is vast and we can provide clients with expertise and advice on the next generation of multi-site connectivity, tailored to meet the needs of all of our customers throughout Lancashire, Merseyside and the Northwest in the following areas: Blackpool, Preston, Southport, Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Wigan, St Helens, Blackburn, Burnley, Leeds, Warrington, Stockport, Oldham, Chester and Salford, however, please do contact us wherever you are based as we can support clients anywhere in the UK.

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Here at Tech Advance, we are always striving for new ways to keep businesses informed about the great products and services that we offer.  We want all our clients and potential customers to be ahead of the game when it comes to their business, we want you to feel excited as we do when thinking about how telecoms in your business can contribute towards building a better future for your company.

That’s why we decided to add another member to our fantastic team.  Someone who is as passionate as we are about helping businesses just like yours and can tell you all about the great work that Tech Advance do…


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