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Pricing to be used as an indicative estimate only as full quotation recommended taking into account more specific details.

Price estimates are inclusive of standard installation and training, core telephone system hardware, voice messaging & voice mail facilities and display telephone handsets.

Prices with cabling exclude the cost associated with the supply of a data cabinet if required to house the system and cabling and further costs may apply.

Price estimates are exclusive of any costs to provide new telephone lines if required.

Please note that rental figures quoted may vary slightly upon application approval.

All rental per month figures are based upon a standard 5-year lease rental agreement, please enquire for rates payable on different contract terms.

Tech Advance. Our Story.

Founded in 2001, Tech Advance offer a project managed approach to provide fixed and mobile telephone services and products, and a wide range of internet connectivity solutions. We believe in a partnership approach to business;  adding value to your business by providing technology efficiency and focusing on service delivery. Making your life easier with our complete communications solutions.

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Business Services

Moving Office

I am moving office

Moving office phone systems can be stressful for everyone involved, we can help with your office relocation.

Setting Up New Office

I am setting up a new office

Finding the right location, design the workplace, negotiating a lease, and decide on buying or renting.

Review telephone services

Phone service review

Detailed cost service review of all your telecommunications IT costs and services.

Managed voice and data services

Managing telephones and internet connections

Specialised managed voice and data services for corporate customers throughout the UK.


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