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We can now bring you news on an exciting new release of our Cloud Phone system application, which will see the current soft-phone dialler updated to bring a significantly improved customer experience.

The app could also be called either ‘Horizon’ or ‘Collaborate’ depending on which version you have.

What improvements will the update bring?

  • New auto-update of clients allows for continual improvements.
  • Provides a more natural video, chat, and conferencing experience.
  • Improvements to the screen and application sharing features.
  • Ability to personalise your display, voice, and video call settings.

What do I have to do?

  • You need to download the new version of your apps – desktop and mobile.
  • From week commencing 4th April you will start to receive a series of notifications via your desktop and mobile apps. The notifications will include links for you to click on with instructions on how to download the new versions.
  • All users within your company should try to move to the new version at the same time.
  • You need to move to the new application by 1st July as the current application is coming to ‘end-of-life’.

How to complete the refresh 

  • Please make sure you upgrade both your mobile and desktop applications at the same time.
  • Please make sure that everyone in your business upgrades their clients on the same day or
    as close together as possible.

To log into the new clients, users will need their ‘Horizon’ username and password, so to minimise
any delays we suggest that you:

  • Log out of your existing Horizon application and copy the username from the login screen
  • For end-users who have forgotten a password, in the new application you can click the ‘Forgot password’ link on the login page to reset it. The new password will be sent to your existing user email address.

Alternatively, you can just email us for assistance on or call 0345 389 2310.

For desktop users:

When you log into your existing Horizon desktop application, a footer will appear indicating that there is a new version available to download and will remain at the foot of each menu screen.

Click here to take you to your horizon desktop application.

For mobile users:

When you log into your existing Horizon mobile application, a landing page will appear indicating that there is a new version available to download.  When you click on ‘New Version’ you will automatically be taken to the ‘Collaborate’ App download page where you can select and download the appropriate version of the new release.
From the week commencing 4th April, the new release will also be available to download by searching ‘Horizon’ in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The official application is called: ‘Horizon: Collaborate on the go’.

For Apple iPhone users, Click the application icon below to take you to the app store.



Why is this happening?…
The existing Cloud Phone System Horizon softphone dialler and Collaborate soft-clients are simply now dated and due for refreshing. The update will deliver a significantly improved customer experience, with the development driven by analytics, research, and user feedback

What if I have forgotten my password?…
If you have forgotten your password, in the new apps you can click the ‘Forgot password’ link to reset it. The new password will be sent to your existing Horizon user email address from  Alternatively, just email us on or call 0345 389 2310 for support.

Does the old version work with the new version?…
Not all features are supported between old and new Softphone dialler and Collaborate apps.  To avoid any inconvenience, we encourage you to:

  • Please make sure you upgrade both mobile and desktop apps at the same time
  • Please make sure that everyone in your business upgrades their apps on the same day or as soon as possible

You will only need to update your apps manually on this occasion, the new apps contain an auto-update function, ensuring you always have access to the latest features and updates.

What happens if I don’t move to the new apps in time?…
The original applications are going to end of life on the 1st July 2022 so there will be no ongoing support for them and consequently we cannot guarantee continuity of service.

Do I have to accept the refresh?…
Yes. The current apps are going to end of life.

Is there a price difference?…
There will be no cost difference at all for the new application versions to you.

What if you have any issues with the upgrade or new versions of the applications?…
The new apps have an auto-update feature that enables us to push any bug fixes and feature updates automatically to minimise any inconvenience.

Please report any issues to us at or by calling 0345 389 2310

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